CGS - Cat-Girl Synth
The popular Cat-Girl Synth from Ken Stone is now available in euro-module format. Please refer to the Euro Serge section for Ken Stone designs of SERGE originals.

CGS202 - Serge Resonant Equalizer


A FULL kit of parts for the CGS202 including the Clarke Robinson front panel, both pcbs and ALL components, wire  and mounting hardware.

The Front Panel with Carrier Board is supplied for those sourcing their own components. It does not include the CGS202 PCB nor any of the components needed to dress the boards


CGS721 - Super Psycho LFO

Module Width: 24HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ 10mA, -12V @ 45mA
Module Depth: 11.2cm

CGS734 - Analog Shift Register

Module Width: 4HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ 2mA, -12V @ 1mA
Module Depth: 7.5cm
Droop: Less than 1mV in 20 seconds

CGS735 - Synthacon Filter

Module Width: 15HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ 15mA, -12V @ 15mA
Module Depth: 8.5cm

CGS736 - Pulse Divider

CGS738 - Mangler

Module Width: 7HP
Power Consumption: +12V @ mA, -12V @ mA
Module Depth: 8.0cm