Links and Other Resources


AutoHarp is a website that is committed to bringing you the best quality Autoharps available online and is focused on serving you with your musical needs. They provide all Autoharp accessories along with the best made Autoharps so that you can play the best music.

Ken Stone

Ken Stones website is a collection of notes, circuit diagrams and stories about the creation of his modular synthesizer, the "Catgirl Synth" as it has been dubbed by others. This synthesizer is mostly analog, and is based on the 1 volt per octave standards set by Moog.

Ian Fritz

Ians' web site describes some of the work he has done over the years designing and building electronic music synthesizers and controllers. After many years of neglect, analog synthesis is once again popular. Some of his newly developed and improved synthesizer modules are presented there, with special emphasis on new types of modules not previously available.

Masonmack Studios

Masonmack’s line of eurorack cases use high quality components throughout. With the use of bamboo and complete Elby Designs power systems, durability and reliability are assured. They also make a beautiful addition to the studio.

Music Dealers

Music Dealers bridge the gap between the music industry and industries looking for music. They exist to provide a total music solution for their clients, while celebrating the best independent artists, musicians and producers around the world.

Music From Outer Space

MFOS' mission is to help people realize their synthesizer dreams. They provide analog synthesizer projects with complete schematics, assembly drawings and professionally manufactured PC boards.