Home of the ASM-x Synthesizer and the Panther and EuroSerge range of EuroSynth modules.


We hope you all had a great Xmas and New Year holiday and wish you all the best for 2016.

We are now open again for business. It take us a few days to process the backlog of orders and emails so please bear with us over the next few days while we get back in to full gear.

We will have news about our exciting new EuroSerge family over the coming days.

Elby Designs supplies kits and accessories for the synthesiser do-it-yourself (SDIY) market. In addition we offer a range of ready-made modules from our own Panther range of EuroSynth modules.

Our expanding range of products include:- the Construct-A-Rack series of rack parts for Euro-racks, the ASM analogue synth, MonoWave and now the EuroSerge range of EuroSynth modules.

Please visit our WEBTEK section for technical documentation including schematics, pcb overlays, bills of material and build notes.